Our goal is to create beautiful translations which read as though written in English

At Nova, we have a real passion for the English language and admire the beauty of a well-turned phrase. We strive to faithfully reproduce the nuances of the original, while adding that particular stylistic flair which transforms a text from mere words on a page to an accomplished narrative. Since 2009, we have been steadily building expertise in the world of publishing translation, from current affairs and global culture to art, architecture and photography.

Below you’ll find a sample of some the work we’ve done.

Courrier International/Le Monde

Courrier International is a Paris-based French weekly newspaper publishing translated articles from all over the world. First founded in 1988, it is now part of the Le Monde group. Le Monde is one of the foremost daily newspapers in France, as well as having the widest distribution outside the country. It was first published in 1944.
Nova has been working with Courrier International/Le Monde on an ongoing basis since 2009.

“Changing of the Guard – The first days of François Hollande’s presidency” – ebook

Nova worked with the Le Monde political news team on an English version of their French ebook tracking the initial stages of François Hollande’s new presidency. Beginning with the night of the president’s election and Sarkozy’s ominous advice to his replacement, the ebook detailed Hollande’s first days in office; decisions made and appointments announced, before tracking back through the president’s history to try to understand his motivations.

The final English ebook was published in July of 2012.

“You really did a superb job on the ebook. I am sure that I’ll need your help again soon.” – Raymond Clarinard, Vice-editor in chief, Head of translation, Courrier International

“Kingdom of the Games” – London Olympics supplement

Nova worked in collaboration with Le Monde on a bilingual supplement to accompany the London Olympics. Covering everything from the grisly history of London’s Tower Bridge to the country’s most prolific streaker, our bilingual supplement was published as part of the Le Monde newspaper in July 2012.

“I don’t know what I’d do without Nova!” – Raymond Clarinard, Vice-editor in chief, Head of translation, Courrier International

Éditions Parenthèses

Éditions Parenthèses is an independent French publisher specialising in books on architecture, art, music, photography and social sciences. Based in Marseille, the house was first founded in 1978. Nova has been working with Éditions Parenthèses since 2012.

“The City of Creators”

We started work on our first collaboration with Éditions Parenthèses in February of 2012.
The City of Creators used a series of case studies of cities from Birmingham to Montreal to investigate the role of the “creator” (artist, musician, actor or designer) in urban architecture and design. With each chapter contributed by a different academic, architect or player in urban redevelopment, the publication was rich with colourful photography, maps and urban plans.

The City of Creators was published in a bilingual edition in 2012.

“Thank you for the great work.” – Patrick Bardou, Managing Director, Éditions Parenthèses

“La Défense – A Dictionary”

The next time we worked with Éditions Parenthèses, it was on a dictionary of La Défense. Beginning with “A” for “Acier” or “steel”, the book contained numerous discussions by a wealth of specialists on the elements that make this futuristic district of Paris so unique. From the media coverage of La Défense in its early days to the concrete issues it is facing now, the dictionary offered a comprehensive history and analysis of Europe’s largest purpose-built business district.

La Défense – A Dictionary was published in bilingual format in 2013.

“Gardens in the City”

This 2013 project was another bilingual urban studies book, this time exploring the role of the garden and gardening in the urban environment. Using case studies from Toulouse to Berlin, the book’s authors covered topics from self-sufficiency and sustainable development to social involvement and interaction.

Gardens in the City was published in 2013.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with you in the past and would like to continue to do so with this book; are you in?” – Jasmine Badr, Éditions Parenthèses

Richard Orlinski

“Richard Orlinski”

In 2013, we helped to edit this book on popular French sculptor Richard Orlinski. Set in a fine wooden case, the bilingual limited edition also included a bas-relief sculpture, while the book itself offered luxurious, interactive imagery and intricate details of the sculptor’s work.

The book was published in 2013.

International Herald Tribune

The International Herald Tribune, now known as the International New York Times, is an English-language newspaper founded in Paris in 1887. Towards the end of 2013, Nova was approached by the paper to work on a pilot for a new international version in digital format.

International newspaper (pilot)

Taking articles from major national newspapers all around the world, the aim of the pilot was to offer a global snapshot of national cultures and current affairs occurring at the same point in time. Topics ranged from Japanese television trends and missing Chinese bloggers to Spanish politics and French music, with Nova translating from all source languages to English.


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We have always received top quality translations, on time & within budget. It is outstanding among “into-English” companies . . .Francoise Bajon, General Manager, Version Internationale, France

…In particular, we value Nova’s reliability, prompt communication, adherence to schedules and instructions, but also their availability on short term notice and their expertise in translating complex IT software and documentation.
Corina Mayer, Project Manager, Infor AG, Germany.

Bravo, you really did a superb job on the articles. Thank you very much for your brilliant work.
Raymond Clarinard: Vice-editor in chief, Head of translation, Courrier International.

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