We are fanatical about quality

Everyone we work with shares this passion for language and a fine appreciation of the power of a perfectly crafted message.This passion is reflected in the people we choose to work with, and in the processes we put in place to ensure we always deliver the best possible quality.

Our linguists

Our in-house team

Our in-house language team consists of senior editors/reviewers, all of whom have Masters qualifications in translation.

Apart from translating strategic pieces, the role of the in-house team is to perform an in-depth QA on all work completed by our freelance team.

As part of our continuous mentoring approach, detailed quality reports are fed back to our freelance translators and form the basis for building up individual project teams with dedicated areas of expertise.

Our network of linguists

» Initial Screening
  • Evaluation of CVs
  • Verification of basic criteria – qualifications, experience, country of residence, area of expertise
» Test Translation
  • Screened applicants complete sector-specific test translation
  • Test translation graded by senior reviewer with subject matter expertise
» References
  • If test successful, candidate interviewed by phone or in person
  • References checked
» Approval
  • Successful candidates informed and added to database of approved translators
  • Feedback provided to translator on outcome of test translation
» Training
  • Newly approved translator trained in necessary tools and methodologies
» Pilot Project
  • Newly approved translator completes initial pilot project
  • Full QA performed and detailed QA report provided to translator for implementation
» Continuous Feedback
  • Continuous job-specific feedback provided to all translators
  • QA reports stored with translator profile in database of approved translators

Our external team consists of professional freelance translators who all meet the following criteria:

  • Native English speakers
  • Living in an English-speaking country
  • Third-level qualification in translation
  • Proven subject matter experts in their domain
  • Proficient in the latest tools

To become a Nova linguist: click here

Quality-driven process

» Project Evaluation
  • Analyse source files
  • Analyse content/subject matter
» Project Kick-off
  • Prepare files
  • Prepare hand-off kit – project-specific instructions, glossaries, style guides, reference materials
» Resource Allocation
  • Match translator profile with required expertise
  • Provide training, where relevant
» Translation
  • Translation, editing and proofing
  • Ongoing glossary/style guide creation for approval by customer
» Query Management
  • Submission of linguistic queries with proposals
  • Technical queries
» QA
  • Proofing by senior reviewer – translation accuracy, adherence to instructions, terminology, style guide, consistency, etc.
  • QA report submitted to translator for implementation
  • Delivery of final files by translator
» Delivery
  • Final technical spot check to ensure QA report implemented
  • Delivery to customer

At Nova, we are fanatical about quality. We value quality above all else and work hard to ensure that this is reflected at every stage of our service. We have stringent quality procedures in place to check translation accuracy, terminology, language, style, regional context and consistency.

Language combinations

The number of language combinations we provide is growing steadily, however we have proven expertise in the following:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Irish
  • Polish
  • Dutch
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Arabic

Experience in a variety of tools

We understand that different clients require us to work with different tools and this is something we readily embrace. We love learning and have built up a level of proficiency in a broad range of translation tools and software.

Areas of expertise

As part of our rigorous approval process, we test all translators in their chosen areas of expertise.

This has allowed us to build up individual teams with a proven track record in areas of specialisation such as the following…

Banking and finance

Annual & quarterly reports

Billing software


Licensing agreements



  • Renewable energies
  • Logistics/warehousing
  • Manufacturing equipment


  • Press articles
  • Architecture reviews
  • Artistic reviews


  • Promotional material
  • Press releases
  • Case studies


  • Gaming
  • IT security
  • ERP

Nova Community

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What Our Clients Say

We have always received top quality translations, on time & within budget. It is outstanding among “into-English” companies . . .Francoise Bajon, General Manager, Version Internationale, France

…In particular, we value Nova’s reliability, prompt communication, adherence to schedules and instructions, but also their availability on short term notice and their expertise in translating complex IT software and documentation.
Corina Mayer, Project Manager, Infor AG, Germany.

Bravo, you really did a superb job on the articles. Thank you very much for your brilliant work.
Raymond Clarinard: Vice-editor in chief, Head of translation, Courrier International.

Our Clients