Some of the brands who trust Nova to craft their voice in English

Creative & publishing translation: Courrier International/Le Monde

Nova delivered publication-ready translations for a special bilingual supplement of Le Monde.

Our brief was to translate a series of articles from French into English for publication in a special Le Monde supplement covering the London Olympics.

One of our most high-profile assignments to date, it was critical for our translated articles to read flawlessly while also accurately reflecting the meaning, style and tone of the French. All within the extremely tight deadlines so prevalent in the publishing industry.

We were delighted with this opportunity to showcase our expertise in producing exceptional-quality English translations. Drawing from our pool of top creative translators, we put together a translator/editor team that proved more than capable of stepping up to the challenge. Our translated articles made the cover of the special Olympics supplement published by Le Monde on the weekend of July 27th.

“Bravo, you really did a superb job on the articles. Thank you very much for your brilliant work.”

Raymond Clarinard: Vice-editor in chief, head of translation, Courrier International.

Marketing Translation: Symantec

Nova delivered translated marketing copy which read as though written in English.

Our brief from Symantec was to translate high-value marketing collateral from French into English.

Although the volume of words was low, the brief was demanding in that it required an appreciation of the specific marketing objectives of the campaign. It required a sensitive eye for language capable of packing a punch without taking up too much space, and the technical ability to convert to and from the source file format, CS4.

Working within these constraints, we succeeded in producing an English version that effectively reached out and grabbed the reader by the lapels.

IT Translation: Infor AG

Nova have been providing English translation services to Infor AG since 2007.

Infor ERP COM is a complete ERP solution for small to medium businesses. It is developed in German and localized into English. Nova have been involved in translating the software, interfaces, online help and support documentation for Infor AG since 2007.

This ongoing project requires a thorough grasp of IT in general and ERP in particular. Adherence to deadlines and timely communication of issues are also extremely important. Working with our dedicated team of IT translators and the latest in translation and terminology tools, our brief is to translate the German into English while also adhering to technical constraints relating to character restrictions, abbreviations, and formatting conventions.

Having built up extensive expertise in the product over the years, our aim is always to produce content that is clear, accurate and consistent, so that English users are fully enabled to understand and appreciate the functionality and benefits of the product.

English Editing: Spil Games

Nova works with Spil Games to scrub English master text before localization into multiple languages.

Lektorat in Englisch

More and more global companies are seeing the benefits of including a pre-localization review stage in which English content destined for translation into multiple languages undergoes an “editorial scrubbing” phase. The aim is to produce clean, concise text that is easy to localize and in which any subtle cultural nuances, idioms or pop culture references are explained by way of translator notes. For Spil Games, we edit various types of English in-game text that have been written by non-native English speakers with a view to this text being localized into up to 19 languages.

While our brief is to ensure that the English text is appealing, error-free and appropriate for the target market, the tone and register are also very important. Mindful of the age profile of the target audience, our review also incorporates checks to safeguard against inappropriate content.

Working closely with the editors in Spil, we have put together a team of talented editors with inquisitive minds and a real passion for gaming. Apart from improving the quality of the source text, our explanatory notes also help to inform, guide and crystallise the translators’ understanding of the content and get their creative juices flowing.

Terminology Management

Nova helps leading mobile communications company to implement best-practice terminology management.


Working directly with the client’s in-house Terminology & Target validation experts, our brief is to identify, approve and define key English terms to ensure consistent usage in the English source text and accurately translated terminology into 40+ target languages.

Keenly aware of the quality implications and cost savings of controlling terminology at source, this leading mobile communications company have continually invested in the effective management of their English terminology. Their goal is not only to achieve more consistent source text and better quality target text, but also to create a more coherent international brand identity through the improved definition and use of key branding terms.

Based on a proven workflow, we analyse the source UI text with a view to identifying potential term candidates. Selected candidates undergo a comprehensive review process culminating in approval of the term and its definition and subsequent release for translation into 40+ languages. Nova has made a tangible contribution to the reduction of translation costs as cleaner source terminology means synonyms are weeded out at source; the fewer terms you use, the higher the quality and the lower the translation costs.

Third-Party Review

Nova regularly review and validate existing translations for the world’s number one search engine.

Prüfung durch Dritte

As official en-GB reviewers for the world’s leading search engine since 2007, our task is to review the English translations provided by other vendors to ensure that they accurately convey the meaning of the source text, use consistent terminology and adhere to job-specific localization instructions. A key part of our role is to ensure that the final translation reflects the search engine’s unique style, register and tone.

In addition to reviewing US to UK English translations, we are also required to review marketing text that has been translated from French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese and Russian into English by other vendors.

Working to tight deadlines, we have built up an expertise in providing accurate English review services, irrespective of language combination and type of content.

Content Creation

Leading online travel experts call on Nova to produce high-quality English articles for publication online.


To meet the exacting demands of this market leader in global online travel, our articles need to be more than just well written.

They also need to be as SEO-rich as possible, incorporating just the right number of judiciously chosen keywords in order to gently guide the reader to the target website. The team we have put in place for this project is as passionate about travel as they are about language, and it shows in their writing.

Whether it’s writing about the ten most dangerous beaches in the world or the reasons why Belgium isn’t boring, our dedicated team of experienced writers have a consistent track record in producing the highest quality content ready for immediate publication.


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What Our Clients Say

We have always received top quality translations, on time & within budget. It is outstanding among “into-English” companies . . .Francoise Bajon, General Manager, Version Internationale, France

…In particular, we value Nova’s reliability, prompt communication, adherence to schedules and instructions, but also their availability on short term notice and their expertise in translating complex IT software and documentation.
Corina Mayer, Project Manager, Infor AG, Germany.

Bravo, you really did a superb job on the articles. Thank you very much for your brilliant work.
Raymond Clarinard: Vice-editor in chief, Head of translation, Courrier International.

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