Make the right first impression in your English speaking markets

Do you need to communicate with your customers/stakeholders in English?

Do you have a product or service that you would like to promote in an English-speaking market?

We would love to help you to make the right first impression

Vibrant French Tech Startup Sector / Many Sucessful Fr Startups / Improved & more supportive environment / FR tech startup stars : BlaBLaCar + examples …………(Val)

Nova Language Solutions as the specialists in providing into-English translation services, can guarantee that you’ll make a great first impression with your English-speaking customers.

We can translate your software applications, websites, brochures, marketing collateral, videos, social media posts, in fact any content you use to sell to international customers.

We work with our customers to create a natural, distinctive, coherent English voice, allowing them to communicate their particular message clearly and effectively to their target English-speaking market.

We develop a keen understanding of our customers, their products, their target audience and most importantly their particular voice. We then translate and shape the your content in a way that clearly conveys your desired message, stays true to your unique business identity, and resonates with your target customers.

We’d love you to get in touch, and learn how Nova’s expertise, professionalism and enthusiastic approach can help you with your English content requirements.

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Product Localisation

You have invested considerable time, money and effort into developing your product. You began with an idea, wrote your initial prototype code and managed your product development to the point of beta release and beyond.

Now its time to globalize your product with a view to realising the enormous commercial potential offered by English-speaking markets

The language content you use in your product can convey a sense of credibility and professionalism to your customers. It can also convey your product personality.

Your team has invested in composing original language content, focussing on selecting the right words and phrases to communicate your messages in your way to your customers. This is a critical element of product development and without this step, your product voice could be could be misrepresented or at worst your product could appear amateurish and lack the credibility it deserves.

Sub standard translation is immediately obvious to a native speaker – one badly translated phrase or sentence and your product has lost a golden opportunity to make a good first impression

So why take the risk of allowing your English language product to be less credible than it should be – your product is better than that!

Call the number above or drop us an email. We would love to help.

Marketing translation

Businesses go to great lengths to develop marketing collateral with a clear defined message which effectively communicates their brand values to their target audience.

When it comes to communicating with and selling to your new English-speaking customers, you can trust Nova to deliver translated copy which accurately and professionally reflects your brand values and marketing messages.

We develop a deep understanding of your business, products, markets & customer, in order to translate & shape the best possible marketing content for your brand. Our professional linguists and marketing researchers pay particular attention to language nuances, meaning and subtleties of the French culture and language.

Your content will read as though it was written by a native English speaker. It will be perfectly written, credible, grammatically perfect, and have the style, tone and personality that you want to portray to your customers.

Website translation

Legacy Website Translation / CMS / Proxy Translation

Website Translation – Challenges Description

Proxy Translation

CMS Translation

Traditional Translation

keyword optimization

s fully-optimized content, targeted to your specific markets.

SEO Translation infuses SEO throughout the translation process

Keywords that are simply translated word-for-word instead
of being selected especially for the local market just won’t
cut it. What’s required is an approach that infuses SEO
throughout the translation process, ultimately leading to
a 15-40% increase in website traffic

Social Media Translation

Manage the conversation

LinkedIn home page descriptions – can be translated and displayed in language of user (LinkedIn profile settings)

LinkedIn articles / content –

Twitter content – tweets / adds / profile descriptions –


Video Translation and Transcription

Promotional video campaigns

Multingual SEO / PPC

keyword research

PPC add content

Content auditing / SEO

English Language Press Releases

publishing sector credentials


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What Our Clients Say

We have always received top quality translations, on time & within budget. It is outstanding among “into-English” companies . . .Francoise Bajon, General Manager, Version Internationale, France

…In particular, we value Nova’s reliability, prompt communication, adherence to schedules and instructions, but also their availability on short term notice and their expertise in translating complex IT software and documentation.
Corina Mayer, Project Manager, Infor AG, Germany.

Bravo, you really did a superb job on the articles. Thank you very much for your brilliant work.
Raymond Clarinard: Vice-editor in chief, Head of translation, Courrier International.

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