We edit, translate & craft key communication pieces

We work with our customers to create a natural, distinctive, coherent English voice, allowing them to communicate their particular message clearly and effectively to their target English market.

We develop a keen understanding of our customers, their target audience and most importantly their particular voice, so that we can translate and shape the customer’s content in a way that clearly conveys their desired message, stays true to their unique identity, and resonates with the target reader.

Creative & publishing translation

At Nova, we have a passionate group of linguists specialising in media and literature. Our all-consuming goal is to create texts which read as though written in English.

The nuances of the original are as faithfully reproduced as possible, while incorporating that particular stylistic flair which transforms a text from mere words on a page to an accomplished narrative.

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Marketing translation


Transcreation is a process whereby a given message is translated not only in linguistic terms, but also from the point of view of intent, style, and cultural context. We take country-specific factors and local culture into account to create a natural target text that produces the same effect on the target English-speaking audience as the original text did on the original audience.

The result is a natural and flowing text which really speaks to your reader.


Why translate your content if it’s never going to be found?

We have significant experience in translating marketing content with a view to making it search-engine friendly. By researching strong keywords in the source and target languages, we can optimise your online marketing content to make it as visible and successful as possible.

IT & technical translation

When dealing with IT and technical content, there is simply no margin for error. The slightest variation in nuance can mean the difference between success and failure.

Whether translating complex GUI or support documentation, our dedication to clarity, consistency and accuracy, as well as our excellent turnaround times, mean our customers trust us to keep their terminology consistent and their meaning crystal clear.

Content creation – Article writing

Excellent translators are most often excellent writers too. At Nova, we have some exceptional writers whose skill in the manipulation and nuance of the English language finds its natural outlet in the content we create for a number of international companies.

Be it a holiday guide, marketing content or an informational piece, our writers use their creative writing skills to draft dynamic and entertaining content which appeals directly and convincingly to the target English-speaking audience.

English editing

Copy editing

Not all original English text is perfect. Not everyone is a natural writer. We at Nova have an array of talented writers and editors who strive to create a final text which reads fluently, conveys its message clearly, and holds the reader’s attention right through to the very end.

Our experienced editors have an eye for detail and know just the changes to make to turn an average English text into smooth and professional English copy. 

Source scrubbing

Given the power and scope of the English language in the world today, it’s inevitable that some English source text will be written by non-native English speakers. Nova’s editorial team excels in source scrubbing; a process whereby the non-native source text is “scoured”, correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, syntax and even vocabulary, to ensure that your text conveys its meaning clearly and reads as though written by a native speaker.

When translating from English into multiple languages, the value of having one clear, correct master text cannot be overstated.

Source editing for transcreation

Translation isn’t always intuitive; sometimes there is simply no substitute for a native English perspective. Source editing is a process in which a native English-speaking translator flags potential difficulties for translation posed by a given text; nuances that could be missed, cultural references that may be unfamiliar, or core brand values that should be maintained.

By highlighting and commenting on such issues prior to translation, potential problems, queries and errors are greatly reduced and the quality and effect of the translated text significantly improved.

Terminology management

Good terminology management delivers consistent terminology which allows your company to retain a distinctive voice and identity while also eliminating unnecessary translation costs. Nova has a proven track record in helping major global brands to manage their terminology.

Our work has helped these brands to maintain a consistent identity across all products and languages, ensuring that all types of content remain on-brand and on-target. 

Third-party review

Translation, like any form of communication, is subject to human error. When it comes to communications that are important to you, it can sometimes be hard to know who you can trust to get it right. At Nova, we regularly perform third-party review, which involves reviewing and evaluating translations in terms of accuracy, meaning, style, and adherence to glossaries and guidelines.

You don’t need to be a linguistic expert to ensure that your translated content is of the highest possible quality. We are the experts, and we are ready, willing and more than able to do it for you.


Nova Community

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What Our Clients Say

We have always received top quality translations, on time & within budget. It is outstanding among “into-English” companies . . .Francoise Bajon, General Manager, Version Internationale, France

…In particular, we value Nova’s reliability, prompt communication, adherence to schedules and instructions, but also their availability on short term notice and their expertise in translating complex IT software and documentation.
Corina Mayer, Project Manager, Infor AG, Germany.

Bravo, you really did a superb job on the articles. Thank you very much for your brilliant work.
Raymond Clarinard: Vice-editor in chief, Head of translation, Courrier International.

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